Behind the Cameras

Timbre & Post is a production company founded in 2012. We specialize in commercials, be it for technology, services, or other consumer products.

Video, if done well, is the single most powerful tool in selling anything. It is proven that 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product with a video attached. Why? Simply because people love a good story.

That’s where we come in. To help you create engaging videos that are sharable and put your brand in the best light possible.

Thomas Flinchum


With a strong heart and mighty soul, Tom oversees all projects and leads the team with passion.

Vanessa Tan

General Manager

A USC alumnus, Vanessa manages accounts and produces social media content.

She has a huge passion for the creative industry and felines.

Dom Soo

Creative Director

Dom coordinates teams by bringing in the right people based on each individual project, be it live-action or animation.

The job requires creativity, passion, and lots of coffee.

Racha is our ever faithful mascot who is so named because of his love for Sriracha sauce, you know that chilli goodness? We suspect he is a pitbull, though he looks like he could be a terrier too. Who knows?

His 3D eyewear helps him understand the world and people around him, but he still exhibits dog-like behavior like chasing squirrels and sniffing butt.

On any day, you might spot him swimming with ducks at Echo Park or soaking in the sun at the Santa Monica Pier. He is often mistaken for a stray, but this dog has a home... somewhere.

Do not feed the dog or he will follow you everywhere.