Behind The Green Screen - On Set Of "Like You Never"

By Dominic Soo

When Trapdoor Social came to us for their new music video "Like You Never," it was a tough challenge! The visual boards and concepts changed over the course of pre-production, but we finally settled on one that involved band members Skylar Funk and Merritt Graves up against a tidal wave of energy.

The concept for this video is in line with Trapdoor Social's conscious effort to support clean energy, particularly solar. Throughout the song, sunlight spills into a dark environment, enveloping the band in a flurry of illuminated dust. Before we know it, a magical energy creeps in and forces them down. As Skylar sings through the bridge, he harnesses this energy into an exploding supernova. The video concludes with a zoom out into space where the band's forces result a series of similar movements across the globe.

The last time we shot on a RED camera, it didn't involve green screen keying. This time, we had a large sound stage fully equipped to produce a well lit green screen shoot. As a result, the footage was clean and easy to work with.

Check out the finished video for "Like You Never."

Shooting on the RED Camera

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