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  • Goodbye Superheroes, Hello President Lincoln – 4 Upcoming Movies To Catch

    As fall dawns upon us, the superhero blockbuster frenzy that was summer 2012 officially comes to a close. Let’s recap – The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Avengers were an incredible lineup, culminating in massive box office figures and the third highest grossing movie of all time. As we wait for the superheroes' inevitable return next summer, we bring you a list of five upcoming movies that you don’t want to miss.

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  • Fat Is Hot – Celebrating Curves In Hollywood

    It seems like Hollywood is taking a turn for the better. We’ve recently seen a surge of singers and actresses that are a little more on the plus side, dropping the conventional wisdom that you have to be skinny to make it in this industry. Hey, if men can get away with the whole “I’m fat but funny” image, I don’t see why the same shouldn’t apply to women. Below are the leading women of this industry that defy the standards of beauty. To them I say let’s stop worshipping skin and bones and start celebrating curves.

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  • Mascots VS Jingles – A Contest in Insurance Advertising

    I love a good marketing campaign, and what other way to better analyze the success of commercials than a case study on insurance advertising? Seriously, these companies churn out new commercials every other week.

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  • Career Reboots on The Voice, X Factor, and Idol

    Sometimes I wonder if we’re over saturating the talent show market because honestly, every network has at least one form of talent competition or another. But contrary to my opinion, these things continually come in waves, which proves that the demand for them is evident.

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  • Animated Ghosts and Ghouls are the New Black

    First it was fish in Finding Nemo and Shark Tale, then it was penguins in Surfs Up and Madagascar. Now animated movies are starting to see a new trend – horror.

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  • Vintage Videos Using After Effects Part 1

    Remember this?

    Now, how do we get that instagram look? Easy. Vintage looks are all about color correction, and with the right tools, you’ll be looking like a professional in no time.

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