Nothing Beats A Crowd Of Gorgeous Ladies

By Dominic Soo

Directing this commercial spec Homecoming for the AXE Astronaut campaign was both a blast and an ambitious feat! Somehow, it went smoothly despite having to co-ordinate a crowd of gorgeous ladies to meet in the heart of the road closures from the LA Marathon. The crowd's goal was to run across the field determined to pounce on the imaginary astronaut. Mike Dominic, our fully equipped DP, had an array of lenses for the Canon 7D to shoot all the various scenes. It was my first time directing a large amount of people at the same time. Paying attention to everyone's emotions and direction was definitely a challenge. But overall, it seemed as though everyone fed off each other's energy! After many laughs, takes, and friendships made, it was a successful shoot.

What's next? I'm currently in post-production where visual effects will be added to help sell the story. Some of these include a space shuttle, as well as the handsome astronaut that will be composited over these plates. Stay tuned to see our spec and thanks to the crew for all the help and the actors for their sexy game faces! Hope it was a good workout!

Behind The Scenes - A Good Clean Fight