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Posts regarding T&P post-production, editing, visual effects, sound design, and music composition.

  • Behind The Green Screen – On Set Of “Like You Never”

    When Trapdoor Social came to us for their new music video "Like You Never," it was a tough challenge! The visual boards and concepts changed over the course of pre-production, but we finally settled on one that involved band members Skylar Funk and Merritt Graves up against a tidal wave of energy.

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  • Shooting On The RED Camera

    Red Scarlet

    Our last production, Galaxy Road Trippin', was our first we shot using a RED camera. Director of Photography, Mike Dominic shot the entire commercial using a Zeiss ZF.2 lens attached to the RED Scarlet. The end result was beautiful uncompressed 4K footage. This may sound unnecessary, since most monitors and televisions can't even preview videos in 4K. But there are some benefits to having uncompressed footage.

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