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Posts regarding T&P pre-production, storyboards, animatics and concept designs.

  • From Concept To Completion

    For this month's post I'm blogging about a production that we've been planning since the beginning of T&P - Racha's Story. The concept for our first promo took a while to iron out, just because we had differing opinions on the image of the company. But alas, we finally settled on a concept, made the commercial, and couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

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  • Behind The Scenes – A Good Clean Fight

    Last weekend we had our shoot for Ivory bar soap. As you may already know, the tagline for the company is "keep it pure, clean and simple." Director Jackie Chang centered her script around this tagline. It involved an arm wrestle between a son and his father, while the mother watches on, smiling.

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  • The Art of Cloud Atlas

    If you haven't has a chance to go see Cloud Atlas, go catch it in theaters! The movie combines six stories of different visual styles, culminating in a movie of epic proportions. Its production was on such an ambitious scale, so much so that it took three directors to make the entire movie - Tom Twyker and the Wachowskis, Lana and Andy.

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  • The (Lost) Art Of Mean Stinks

    There comes a time in movies where the concept phase is finally over, but the filmmakers then come to the realization that their concept is completely out of point and their movie is back to square one. That's exactly what happened on "Mean Stinks."

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  • The Art of Hotel Transylvania

    There's an aspect of animated films that never gets enough credit, and that's the art of visual development. I'll try to write a post each month to commemorate these beautiful concept pieces. Visual development is key in determining the look and feel, so that departments such as lighting and design are on the same page when they start making the movie.

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