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Posts regarding T&P live-action productions and animations.

  • Production Design – Hotels

    When Yield Planet reached out to us for a commercial, they requested for something sleek that would work as a pitch to investors. Our goal for this commercial was to capture the everyday life of a hotel manager using this product.

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  • Behind The Scenes – Keep Trying, Dad

    Check out photos from behind the scenes of "Keep Trying, Dad," our winning commercial for Chloraseptic. In this commercial, we opted for a brightly-lit sitcom look using a handheld DSLR. A neutral wardrobe against a modern looking set provided for a casual feel, while certain colors (the fruit, for example) were saturated to give a cheerful contrast.

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  • From Concept To Completion

    For this month's post I'm blogging about a production that we've been planning since the beginning of T&P - Racha's Story. The concept for our first promo took a while to iron out, just because we had differing opinions on the image of the company. But alas, we finally settled on a concept, made the commercial, and couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

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  • Behind The Green Screen – On Set Of “Like You Never”

    When Trapdoor Social came to us for their new music video "Like You Never," it was a tough challenge! The visual boards and concepts changed over the course of pre-production, but we finally settled on one that involved band members Skylar Funk and Merritt Graves up against a tidal wave of energy.

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  • Shooting On The RED Camera

    Red Scarlet

    Our last production, Galaxy Road Trippin', was our first we shot using a RED camera. Director of Photography, Mike Dominic shot the entire commercial using a Zeiss ZF.2 lens attached to the RED Scarlet. The end result was beautiful uncompressed 4K footage. This may sound unnecessary, since most monitors and televisions can't even preview videos in 4K. But there are some benefits to having uncompressed footage.

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  • Nothing Beats A Crowd Of Gorgeous Ladies

    Directing this commercial spec Homecoming for the AXE Astronaut campaign was both a blast and an ambitious feat! Somehow, it went smoothly despite having to co-ordinate a crowd of gorgeous ladies to meet in the heart of the road closures from the LA Marathon. The crowd's goal was to run across the field determined to pounce on the imaginary astronaut. Mike Dominic, our fully equipped DP, had an array of lenses for the Canon 7D to shoot all the various scenes.

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  • Behind The Scenes – A Good Clean Fight

    Last weekend we had our shoot for Ivory bar soap. As you may already know, the tagline for the company is "keep it pure, clean and simple." Director Jackie Chang centered her script around this tagline. It involved an arm wrestle between a son and his father, while the mother watches on, smiling.

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  • Presenting… The World of Anomo!

    Anomo is a social mobile app geared to democratize how we socialize. How? You get to see all the people nearby at your location such as your coffee shop, dormitory, bar or event... the catch is, everyone’s anonymous including you. Instead of a real picture, Anomo brings a new flavor by using avatars and key informational tags such as “graphic designer” or “foodie” to level the playing field.

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